We believe that if it is personal it must be private!

Zero email app offers Privacy, Security and Productivity for any inbox.

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In the current age of rapidly evolving technology, productivity is everything. With an overflowing inbox, it is hard to keep up with all of the privacy and security threats associated with traditional email storage. That is why the most successful people use Zero email app. Zero keeps your personal information private!

What sets Zero apart from most other email apps is its smart engine, which automates many parts of the email workflow, extracts the essential information, and suggests useful actions. Zero’s unique machine learning algorithms run directly on the user’s phone and never sends email data for processing outside of their device. Zero does not store user’s emails on third-party servers but rather it communicates directly with the email service provider.

Zero supports many existing services like Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, Office365, iCloud and others.

Increase productivity and focus on what’s important inside your inbox with Zero email app.

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