How we used Hillary Clinton’s emails to train our AI engine and why you might want to use Zero email app


Zero offers a great and modern email solution that enables its users to be more productive. Tinder-style triage lets you go through large amounts of unread emails and makes cleaning of cluttered inboxes a breeze. What differentiates Zero app? Its smart engine, which extracts the essential, suggests the useful, and automates the repetitive. Zero app is the first of its kind to provide email flow automation with machine learning assisted features.

One of the challenges of creating machine-learning technology is having a wide variety of datasets that the algorithms can be trained and tested on. When Hillary Clinton’s email scandal came to light and a database of her emails was released to the public, our engineering team had an ingenious idea to use Hillary’s, Enron’s and other publicly available email database to train and test some of our algorithms. We were able to test accuracy of our work even further, by comparing our analysis vs some that was produced by others. We thought that the use of Hillary’s dataset was especially funny and practical.

Eventually the algorithms were to be combined into a set of features that would make up a virtual email assistant inside our mobile app, set to be release to the AppStore this month. To make things even more fun our engineering decided to name the AI powered email assistant “Hillary.” Of course, this was only done internally, we did not want an email app to be associated with Hillary Clinton’s name. What a nightmare that would have been.

We also wondered, how does Hillary Clinton manage her email on her mobile? Many of the current email solutions available to her on the market would still create a lot of problems for her because they make a copy of the data from the “email server,” whatever that thing is, to their own email servers. That cloud-stored copy is then, potentially, held on an unsecured server. We were curious to know, what app Hillary is using because she and the State Department could definitely benefit from Zero app.


Unlike the United States Secretary of State in her the infamous scandal, Zero app keeps all of your personal email data right where it should be, on your phone and on your email server. Zero never makes a copy of your data.

With Zero, we are developing an app that is both smart and keeps your personal data private. Zero does not store user’s email data on third party servers and the app communicates directly with the user’s email service provider. Zero’s unique machine learning algorithms run directly on the user’s phone and never send user data for processing outside of their device.

Zero is so easy to integrate into any system that Hillary herself could have set it up in no time. It can be a standalone email client or a great supplemental app to be used in conjunction with other email clients. The best thing is, it works with your existing email server. At the end of the day, if Mrs. Clinton had used Zero email app and the correct email server, then she would have had a great email experience, became more productive, stayed on top of important emails, and had one less thing to worry about during her presidential campaign.