How we usually work with email and why it sucks so much!

Do you know that email consumes a huge part of your daily life? This is a story of how we usually work with email and why it sucks so much! Most importantly, at the end, I will tell you how you can save a big chunk of your time and love your inbox again.

It all starts in the morning when you come to your work, full of energy and ready to start your day.

You see unread emails start loading… and at that point you are not excited anymore. 

So you think: No problem, I have done this before. I bet I can do it on an autopilot in 40 minutes. 

However, 2 hours later you feel like…

3 hours later…

4 hours later…

Does this sound familiar? 

This is why we built Zero Email App. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Zero sorts your emails by importance! Imagine your personal email assistant that sorts your messages and lets you see the most important first. With elegant and easy to use interface optimized for mobile, powerful features and unique ability to process tons of unread emails in a blink of an eye, Zero can clean your inbox in minutes, so you can start feeling like this: