Zero App Tutorial

Zero is an email app designed to help you achieve more with your email and offers the fastest way to get to Inbox Zero. Zero makes your existing inbox smart and intuitive while keeping your personal information private and secure. With Zero you will spend less time inside your inbox and more time doing the things you love.

“Primary” and “Other” categories







Zero can help you stay on top of what’s important.

By enabling Primary and Other categories Zero can learn from your behavior so that it can separate important emails from the rest, saving you a ton of time.


What is “Primary”?

Zero puts emails from real people and contacts into the Primary tab.


What is “Other”?

The "Other' tab contains machine generated emails, newsletters, updates and promotions.


How does “Primary inbox” affect my actual email account?

Sorting into “Primary and Other” categories is only visible in Zero app.


How to turn “Primary inbox” on and off?


You can easily turn “Primary inbox” on or off in Account Settings.


  1. Go to “Menu” screen and tap on the Application Settings icon in the top left corner.
  2. Select an email account for which you want to turn the "Primary inbox" on or off. 
  3. Locate the and tap the "Primary inbox" switch.

Repeat the steps for any other account as necessary.




Mark email Primary or Other


You can easily move email from any sender to the Primary or Other tab. After you move the email, all future emails from that sender will appear in the category you specified.

When Primary and Other categories are enabled, swipe left on any email and select the option you need.

In Primary inbox select “Other.” In Other inbox select “Primary”.




You can apply filters to any selected category or folder in any screen to find exactly what you need.

Filters include:

  • By importance (shows your emails sorted by importance so you can easily address them in the order of priority.)
  • All (shows all the emails)
  • Unread (shows only unread emails)
  • Attachments (shows only emails with attachments)
  • Starred (shows emails that have been starred or marked as important).
  • Snoozed (shows emails that you have snoozed with Zero app)

Triage Screen


Triage screen allows you to go through a large quantity of unread emails with ease.

Access the Triage screen by tapping on a blue icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

By default, the Triage screen shows unread emails, but you can choose to see other emails by selecting a different filter.

Tap on the email to see entire content. 

Use quick actions menu with blue icons if you need to Snooze, Mark, Move or Archive the email.

(Configure left swipe to “Delete” or “Archive” in Application Settings).


How Triage works?


When in the Triage screen each email is displayed as a card.


Swipe left to remove an email from your inbox.


Swipe right to keep the email in your inbox.


(Configure left swipe to “Delete” or “Archive” in Application Settings).


How to customize Triage “swipe left” action?



You can chose between “Archive” and “Delete” actions for “left swipe.” The default action is “Archive.” To change it:

  1. Go to “Accounts” screen
  2. Tap on “Settings” icon in the top left corner.
  3. Under “General settings” section > "Configure swipe action for Triage" choose the desired action. 

Senders Screen


Sort your inbox by sender.

Zero app allows you to organize your inbox by sender, helping you find all relevant information quickly.

Tap on the Sender's name to see all of the emails from that sender. 


Swipe Actions

The following action are available in the swipe menu on the Senders screen: 

  1. Mute - once the contact is muted the emails from them will automatically skip the inbox and will be moved to Muted folder.
  2. Primary/Other - option will mark contact as Primary or Other and all emails from them will appear in the respective tab.
  3. Delete all - will delete all emails from the contact. 

Swipe right to Archive all emails form the sender is also available. 


Swipe actions to edit emails


Swipe Right


You can edit one or multiple emails in inbox or any other folder.

From the inbox screen, swipe right on any email to archive it.


Swipe Left


From the inbox screen, swipe left to open menu with more options like:

  • Primary/Other
  • Flag (Marks email as “Starred”)
  • Unread
  • Snooze (makes an email disappear from your inbox and return back at a specified time)
  • Move to (moves email to selected folder)
  • Delete

Edit multiple emails


Tap & hold on any email to activate edit mode for multiple emails.


Select any number of emails by tapping on them and then select the desired action from the bottom menu.




Zero makes it easy to access folders.

From the Mailbox screen, click on the “Inbox” icon in the upper left corner of the screen to access the list of folders.

Once you select the folder and want to go back to Inbox or go to any other folder, tap on the folder name in the same upper left corner of the screen to bring up the list of folders again. 


Push notifications


There are two main type of notification that you can use with Zero app. 


1. Less Distracting Notifications - available for every account. notification will be received once every 15 minutes. This option helps you stay focused and does not distract you for every new email you get. 

2. Real Time Notification - available only for Gmail and Exchange. Notifications will be received as soon as emails arrive in your email account. 


Zero also offers 2 sub options for push notifications for every email account:


1. Smart notifications - Notifications for people and contacts only

2. All notifications - See notification for every email

No Notifications option is also available. Select this option is you do not want to receive any notifications. 


Privacy & Security


If it is personal, then it must be private and that is why Zero is different from most other email apps. Zero works directly on your phone and never sends your personal data for processing outside of your device. Zero communicates directly with your existing inbox and keeps all of your personal information private.


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